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Joseph Weil Hall


Joseph Weil was Dean of the College of Engineering at the University of Florida from 1937 to 1963. He received his bachelor's of arts from Johns Hopkins in 1918 and his master's of science from Pittsburgh in 1926. He joined UF's faculty in 1921 as an instructor of physics and electrical engineering and later became Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering.

Weil established the College of Engineering as a major research institution and added six new departments. He provided leadership during the unique and difficult circumstances experienced during World War II and had the foresight to plan ahead for the enrollment boom that followed the war. Weil also served as the first Director of the Engineering and Industrial Experiment Station. He retired from the faculty in 1966 and became provost for the New York Institute of Technology and later special assistant to the president at the Florida Institute of Technology.

Facility History

Weil Hall is home to the College of Engineering.

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